Student Success Stories

Sponsoring a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Sharing a little goes a long way in a country like Uganda.



Richard is one of the most remarkable students in E3’s history. When Richard was born without arms, his village chief told his parents to kill him because he would be useless to their tribe. Both of his parents were extremely poor and had no means to support their son with his disabilities


James graduated from Makerere University with a bachelor’s in Architectural Engineering. He currently owns his own business and has been our Architect who designed all our STACE campus buildings. James’ story is just one of many where former students have given back to our organization through the gift of education he received from his U.S. sponsor.


Jude completed his studies at Kampala International University with a Certification in Pharmaceuticals. He is currently working at his local community hospital, Soroti Regional Referral Hospital, as a Pharmacy Technician. Jude is grateful for the opportunity he received through E3 Africa’s sponsorship program and has been an active volunteer on our mission trips as a way of paying it forward for our current students.


Ronald completed his studies at Arua Nursing School in 2016. He is currently a Physician’s Assistant. In early 2020, he helped aid our co-founder Fr. Robert Aliunzi when he was diagnosed with malaria while visiting Kampala. Ronald has helped hundreds of people since graduating in 2016. Still, he wishes to continue his education and get his Certificate of Radiology so that he can further bless his community.



Vincent received a full scholarship from the Government of Uganda to pursue his Bachelor of Petroleum Geoscience and Production at Makerere University. Vincent has self-published four books by working hard and paying for the print work. He recently donated a batch of motivational books to STACE, so that our students would be encouraged to excel in their studies and pursue their dreams. He hopes that he will be able to pursue a Masters in Petroleum Engineering abroad.


Steady is currently attending Lira School of Nursing as her dream is to help others receive quality healthcare in her community. While she is on break from school, she volunteers with our Kampala office to help other students enhance their natural talents in performing arts such as dance and song. Steady assisted in writing the school anthem for STACE. During our school inauguration ceremony in February 2020, she led the entire school in an impressive performance for U.S. visitors.