Sponsoring a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Sharing a little goes a long way in a country like Uganda.

Many of E3 Africa’s students have seen first-hand the physical and mental effects of the atrocities of war and regional conflict. Some have lost their parents and siblings. Many others must take on the role of a parent by having to raise their younger brothers and sisters on their own.

As you can imagine, a child’s will and spirit are often the only basis of celebrating the holidays with family members. Despite extreme poverty, these children have a steadfast devotion for and desire to give back to those they love. For this reason, we have created a student fund to provide our donors and sponsors a way to bless these children.

Each of our students can receive a monetary gift in any amount you designate to help them buy food or much-needed supplies for their education or their family. Money is the best gift that you can give as it allows the student to buy necessities rather than receiving a luxury item, such as a hat or t-shirt. But don’t let that discourage you from giving! Your gift goes a long way in Uganda and will be cherished!

Whether or not you are a sponsor, you can donate to our student fund by clicking below. If you currently sponsor a child through E3 Africa and want to donate to them directly, when prompted, select “YES” to donate to a specific child and then include the child’s name in the box.  If no name is designated, all donations at the end of the year will be dispersed equally among the sponsored students for Christmas.

Donations And Gifts

Donations are accepted all year round, for any holiday or special occasions, such as their birthday or graduation. We also realize that you may want to buy something for your child so they can have a memento from you. However, there are restrictions and limitations, so please contact our office for more details.