Sponsor A Child

Sponsoring a child is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Sharing a little goes a long way in a country like Uganda.

For the same cost of dinner and movie for two in the United States, you can feed, clothe, and educate a child for a month. It may seem like a cliché these days, but you can indeed change a child’s life.

How Does It Work?

  1. You will be paired with a child on our urgent care priority list if you select below “Child most in need”
  2. You can also be more specific and choose “Girl” or “Boy”
  3. If you have spoken to an E3 Africa member or attended an event where a child’s name was given, you can type it in the box below, “Child’s Name”
  4. Once you have made your first sponsorship donation, the child’s photo and bio are emailed to you. That email will also contain pertinent information about your sponsorship and how to correspond with your sponsored child. At that point, we ask you to write to your sponsored child and introduce yourself through stories and photographs.

*If you would like to sponsor multiple children, please state that in the “Child’s Name” box below.

It can take as long as eight weeks for a letter to be delivered to your student and just as long to receive a message back, so please be patient. As you can imagine, the communication infrastructure in Uganda is not as advanced as in the United States and communications are intermittent.

The relationship you establish with your student is potentially just as valuable as the life-changing educational opportunity you are giving the child. Most of the students in our program have lost at least one parent, and many are orphans. Those who are not orphaned come from single-parent or impoverished families. Learning about you and your family life in another country may be the spark that ignites their fire or the platform that catapults them into action and greatness. That is the exciting part - anything is possible!

Sponsorship Options

  • Full Sponsorship: $840 per year or $70 a month.
  • Consider a 6-year commitment to ensure your sponsored child completes their education.
  • Your contribution provides room and board, school supplies, uniforms, food and education.
  • Your generous donations provides a child with the gift of hope, love and the promise of a brighter future for themselves and their family.

Co-Sponsorship: $ 45.00/Month (we pair you with another sponsor, or you can co-sponsor with a family member or friend).

University Sponsorship: $ 90.00/Month (a student that has been in our secondary educational program and now needs support to continue at a university level).

By clicking the "Sponsor Now" button below and submitting payment information, you are authorizing E3 Africa to automatically set up a monthly recurring donation on your debit/credit card or bank account. It will remain in effect until a written request for cancellation is received. Please call 480-253-9403 if you need further assistance setting up a sponsor account.